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Maninalto 2020

It's so great to turn back in red colour! 

The vintage 2020 was inspired by Marie Thibault wine called simply Grolleau. I was thinking for a long time about what could be the right place for me to make the new edition of the wine Maninalto. Some moments of this reflection I passed with a glass of the red Grolleau from Marie, to finally understand that I have my answer in a glass. 

I truly love this grape variety that makes me think also about the Italian wines with beautiful notes of sour cherry. 

The "orthodox" organic vineyard is located near Tours

Adrien does not work the soil and he doesn't use any kind of treatment. The only products used are the biodynamic homemade preparation. 

Again, like each year, it was complicated. BTW maybe it's just me? Anyway, the vintage was really great but the late rain was a real disaster for the local producers. After a huge selection finally, we were able to harvest the good quality grapes that permit to produce about 6 Hl of wine.  

The rapes were destemmed and macerated for a few days in the wooden truncated cone open tank. The light press and time. 

The wine was suffering a reduction for a pretty long time. 

On the label, you will find information about decanting recommendation. 

I really think it's a cool natural wine. Very fresh, with lovely acidity and without aggressive tannins. The sour cherry is everywhere but also other forest fruits if you are careful. 




So what Maninalto Loire edition is? 

100% Grolleau 
Spontaneous fermented using only natural yeasts, no pied du cuve.  
The grapes were fermented with the sinks for 1 week on the wooden truncated cone open tank. After pressing the wine was transferred to the fibre tank.

ABV 12%
AV 0.4 
So2 total < 10
Free SO2 not detected
Malolactic done
No sugars left

Bottle 0.75

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