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What it is a natural wine for us?

Maninalto natural wine project is research.

My way of drinking wine very often is more about by whom it was made than where, when and from which variety. Then, of course, I love to discover the new things by still what is more interesting for me is who made it.  

So Maninalto is my way to find out if changing the place and grapes variety we can still find the hand of the same winemaker - my hand in this case. 


The challenge is really huge - as changing the place each year, restarting work with the grapes that you don't really know, changing of the climate which brings the unexpected situation in the vinification process and so on - but I truly believe all that worth this effort. From your side, a cool opportunity to enjoy the ride.


Maninalto is the interpretation of the territory, of the vintage and of the grapes. 

In all that the most important thing to me is to stay true. If I will fail, the wine will be not released - very simple. 

Maninalto is my main goal but not the main job so I can feel comfortable to stay always honest with all of you. 

Hope you will enjoy each vintage!

Maninalto 2015 Sicily edition pressing
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