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Maninalto 2021

Back to the maceration and no SO2 added !

The vintage 2021 was made in Catalunya with the help and collaboration of an amazing human being, a talented winemaker and a great teal leader - Oriol Artigas. 

Oriols winery is located some 30 minutes from Barcelona, in  Allela district.


We went to Penedes to the old Oriols friend Sebastien who cultivates organic vineyards of several grape varieties. The idea was already done - 2021 will be a Xarello vintage. Also, the plan was to make it with a long maceration so I tried to choose the best parcel to make it succeed.

And here we are! :)

  • Whole bunches maceration in the inox tank for 52 days 

  • Destemmed and press in mid-November.

  • Bottled in May 2022

  • No interventions like punching down/over, racking etc.

  • No sulphur was added (sign on the label). 

  • Alc. 11%

Xarello has a rather reductive character, that's why I was waiting before realising. 

The colour is goldy but rather makes you think about the grapes that were mature than about macerated wine.
Great aromas of jasmine and citrus, in the mouth complex, with great acidity and freshness. 




Pet and Nat - Maninalto Verso ! 

The vintage 2021 was not easy in the Gaillac region in France. Full of rain and rather low temperatures in the summer months makes fermentations pretty tricky.

This petnat was made for fun with the Duras grapes from the Distillerie Cazottes vineyards, where I still work in charge if the winemaking. 

Direct press, spontaneous fermentation and bottling with 20 grams of sugar. 

Disgorged in September 2022.



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