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Maninalto 2019
- time for the white wine!

After some red wine, some macerated one now it's time for a white wine.

This is a Maninalto Savoie edition. I fall in love with this region through the stories of my friend who come from there and on the time we have talked, she was working in Burgundy hoping to get "back home" one day. BTW she did, and it's amazing. I'm sure we will make great wine there!

2019 was not supposed to be too nice for the producers from there. Indeed, the last hail at the beginning of May put the people in difficulty and the future harvest, under the question point.  

The last confirmation about my grapes comes in the begging of September! 

"I have grapes for you" - never bring so huge smile on my face! :) That was the voice of Sylvain,  from Domaine des 13 Lunes.

In this way, I get my 600 kilos of Jacquère grapes. 

Macerated on the skins for 1 month.


In the same year, I did a small experiment with the local variety Loin de l'œil - still 1 month on the skins but after it was aged in the old wooden barrel.  

I was not perfectly happy tasting them separately and that's how the idea of blending comes. Now, all make a sense. 



This year instead of using industrial wax I've decided to use the natural one.  


A great photographer but also organic apiarist in the free time, Luc Beziat jump with me to this project. To add just a bit more of colour and complete all, I have used our organic saffron.

All that is my Savoie interpretation.

Maninalto 2019 Savoie edition

So what Maninalto Savoie edition is? 

75% Jacquère / Savoie

25% Loin de l'œil / South west France

Spontaneous fermented using only natural yeasts, no pied du cuve.  

The grapes were fermented separately using the maceration on the skins method, for 1 month. 

Alcohol: 10.5% vol.

Format: 0,75 l

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