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Maninalto 2018 Gaillac edition

So what it is Maninalto 2018?

100% Mauzac Rose:

90% of the wine was made in the amphorae with the maceration on the skins for 5 months.

10% comes from the wine where we take just a flower must. 

Bottle format 0,5 l.

Maninalto Gaillac edition 2018
Maceration on the skins

The main indigenous grape varieties: Mauzac,  Loin de l'œil, Ondenc, Muscadelle and for the reds Braucol, Prunelart and Duras.


The 2018 - vintage full of surprises. The difficulty of this project it's that you have only one chance to do it right. It was my first experience out of Sicily - new place, new cellar, new grape varieties. 

In the book of Charlie Mackesy "The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse" you can find that: "Is the glass half full or empty? I'm just glad to have a glass" - and that is all about this vintage. 

After almost 2 years today, it shows how interesting Mauzac Rose is, especially for the maceration of the skins. 
Not very well known and undervalue even here, from where it comes. It was rather co-planted between other Mauzac like Blanc or Vert. 

Hope it will be a great discovery for you. 


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