Maninalto 2018

Last weeks were really full of emotions. This year Maninalto will be done in south-west of France, in the Gaillac region. 

I have a great pleasure to work with Laurent Cazottes this year. Who was so kind to give me a possibility to develop my own project.
I had on disposition the old vineyards which he bought some two years ago. Old school style, so there are growing 5 different grape varieties, all together - Mauzac Rose, Loin l'oeil, Alicante, Duras and Jurancon Noir.

I did not use Mauzac Rose, instead all the rest of the grapes is fermenting together. 

Pola and her first real harvest

What did I do?


Harvest: 21st of September

Grapes: white - Loin l'oeil; red - Alicante, Jurancon Noir, Duras

Soil: Limestone 

Vineyard: goblet 


Destemmed, spontaneous fermentation with indigent yeast, no sulphur added. 




Loin l'oeil which is a white variety of grapes, I destemmed and press directly, putting just a juice to the tank where was already all the rest (Alicante,Duras and Jurancon Noir). 


After 72 hours pressing and letting the fermentation goes on.