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Joanna Dubrawska and Maninalto Natural Wine Project - how it starts

I started my work with wine in Sicily, being part of the Azienda Agricola COS team for 5 years - amazing pleasure and luck (!) for me. 


I'm not sure that the idea of making wine comes from the necessity to express myself or from the curiosity "how would I do that?". I was sure, instead, that I just have to do it. 

Maninalto becomes true in 2015 - the first vintage was born thanks to the amazing winemakers, amazing people - friends. These people push me to continue my project offering their own grapes when I find myself in the difficulty to go on with it. 

In 2016 and 2017 I could manage small vineyards in the south-east part of Sicily. My "old ladies" how I've called them. 

They give me great power - each new leaf, each new bunches brings me a smile. Indeed it's all about this work - all about the vineyard. 

I always work with organic vineyards and often biodynamic practices. 


In the cellar I follow my notes from all the year, trying to find out what would be the best way to capture all the details important for the current vintage.

No chemical products use. 

I prefer to say that I've made a mistake than share with you something that is not true.

How they say - sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.


Joanna Dubrawska Maninalto natural wine project
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