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maninalto 2018 - here we go!

Still, remember this moment from the photo - the harvest 2018 in Domaine Cazottes.

I also remember when I always said that

I love to work with the amphorae but I will never make my own wine in this way as I do not feel represented by the results.

Pretty funny now, when I look on my small tank which is a bland of almost 90% macerated Mauzac Rose (macerated in the amphorae) and 10% of the flower must.

So to make a resume of all the information.

Maninalto 2018 was made near to Gaillac, the south-east region of France in Domaine Cazottes where I also work.

It's 100% of Mauzac Rose grape variety - indigenous in the area. The part which was vinified in the amphorae was destemmed and left for the maceration on the skins for the 5 months (no residual sugar, malolactic completed).

After the racking on March, the wine was put in the 1 amphorae again and in the 2 old wood barrels. All that you can find as Mauzac Rose from Domaine Cazottes - and also it's 90% of Maninalto.

So...what's this 10%?

I did a bland with still Mauzac Rose but which we ferment on the low temperature with the technic of débourbage - short, we eliminate the lees already on the first hours after the direct press. Wine made 100% with this technic is Adele from Domaine Cazottes, I take just a small part for Maninalto.

Blending not blending?? What all about here?

Indeed, Maninalto 2018 is a bland of two different technics. I promised to give you a wine that I don't have to defend, which will be absolutely independent of me and your opinion as well, the one which will not tell the story but the one which is a part of their own story. This is an answer to why I blended the same grapes but vinified in two different technics. It's not easy to be a grape which is not white and not red neither. One which in practic even does not exist by itself, but mostly grow in the middle of the others. I want to give him a justice - let him BE.

Now I just need some time for a bottling which is 100% manual (like real manual!)...hoping to have next year the quantities which permit to use any technical help.

Hope you will like it and remember - it's the one and only vintage like that! Maninalto 2019 will be an all different story... and so on and on... :)

We had now on the list red 2017, amber maybe I should think now about some white?? :)

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